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I created a smart mirror for my apartment. This display hangs in my apartment and displays information useful at a glance--current time and date, the day's weather forecast, personal calendar events, nearby subway times, Citibike dock availability, and daily scheduled reminders.

V1 (2016)

Mirror V1

I created the first non-interactive prototype using an old Dell netbook, plastic two-way mirror, and a custom-made wooden frame.

Mirror V1 Inside

The software ran a Node.js server on the backend and a React.js front-end. Glancing at it while getting ready quickly became a part of my morning routine.

V2 (2018)

Mirror V2

The newest version is interactive via voice recognition (albeit a very crude version of it, currently). It is an Electron app running on Raspberry Pi that also utilizes React.js for the UI and has a much larger 1080p display.

February 2018